The Mother of All Christmas Lists

I have had the privilege of spending some time around Scott Kelby. He is what all of us hoped he would be in real life: warm, personable, real, funny, honest, talented and very friendly. The real part is important here because he has just released his (fifth) annual Christmas gift guide. And when he says he uses a product and really, really recommends it … you can be sure he uses that product and really, really likes it.

Click here to go over to his site and view this year’s gift guide (as most of you probably have already). There are some great suggestions for just about any photographer on your gift list (if they have all this stuff they should be buying gear for you, and if they wouldn’t want this gear they really aren’t photographers). My suggestion? Print off the list and slip it inside your spouse’s favorite magazine (like Ralphie did with the ad for the Red Ryder 500 Shot BB Gun in A Christmas Story). And if that doesn’t work … well, who says you can’t buy yourself a gift now and then?

Read and enjoy. Read and dream. It’s the holidays!

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