Everything I Know About Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush

Actually, this post is Everything Matt Kloskowski Knows About Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush (and that is a great deal, indeed). Matt is one of the original Photshop Guys and he REALLY knows Lightroom (his website is even named Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips!). So you are better off with that second title than the first.

Did you know you can get to the adjustment brush in Lightroom by hitting the K key? I didn’t, but any shortcuts that are easy to remember are okay by me. Matt knows a bunch of these and he has rolled them all into one ten-minute video. It’s informative, entertaining and worth your time. Click here to go to Matt’s site and the video. Thanks, Matt.

Regular readers know I am not a big Moose Peterson fan. A lot of people are, however, and you may be one of those. If so, Moose has ended his DLWS series of workshops (they had been around quite a while), but is starting a new series called K&M Adventure (I can guess what the M stands for; the K is anyone’s guess. I’m just shocked the M didn’t come first). Click here to read how the series is going to be structured and how you can sign up for the first one (next February). If you are interested in some of the more popular workshops and locations for 2012 it is not too early to start planning.

Finally today, ddisoftware is releasing a brand new Qimage called Qimage Ultimate. The old versions are going to hang around (Lite, Pro and Studio, but are officially retired). Ultimate is brand new, with lots of refinements and new features while retaining a familiar look. I have had Qimage Pro for a long time and can attest to the fact that it works as advertised. It is a printing program that has a brain (for lack of better terminology). I can’t adequately describe it, so click here to go over to the ddisoftware site and look around yourself. Let me just say that this program has worked in the past and from what I read it could be even better now. There is a 14-day free trial that is worth downloading, and the entire program is only $90 if you decide to buy. Printing is the final product in our business, and this software is worth spending some time with.

That’s it for today. Life is good, isn’t it?

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