Sunday Updates

I told you about a neat little giveaway earlier this month that featured Westcott Apollo softboxes. If they haven’t notified you to claim your winnings … well, bad news. You didn’t win. And neither did I. Many times you hear about and enter a giveaway or contest and then never know who won (although maybe you don’t really care if it’s not you). In any event, the winners were from CA, NY, and OH. Click here for their names and their thank-you’s to the good folks at Westcott.

Scott Kelby recently posted his favorite Photoshop CS5 HDR Pro setting on his web page. Most of you are probably Scott Kelby fans and already have checked out that post and the numbers he uses. But, on the off chance that there is an HDR fan out there who hasn’t yet seen that post or tried out CS5’s HDR feature, click here for the lowdown. You can preview the end result you can expect from this preset by seeing one of Scott’s finished products on his website.

And, finally … for you Nikon shooters breathlessly awaiting August 24th (Nikon’s day to make one of more BIG announcements on new cameras): Nikon Rumors now believes the announcement will NOT include any new DLSRs (save those for sometime in September). This week’s Nikon news will be a new mirrorless line. Nikon may be late to the mirrorless market, but they have hinted that we all will end up agreeing that the wait was worth it.

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