A Yawn-er Of A Day

Yaaaaaaaaaawn! Grump, grump. No, I’m not tired, and that’s not the reason for the late post. Today is THE big announcement day for several BIG players in the photo world … and BIG turned out to be not-so-big after all.

I really, really like Scott Kelby and have had the privilege of being around him a bit and doing some shooting with him. So when he advertised stay tuned for a BIG announcement coming today, I was really keyed up. The announcement turned out to be a new online magazine (an ezine?) that is for the iPad. I don’t have an iPad; very few of the photographers I know have iPads. iPads are expensive and there are only so many photo dollars to go around. So, that BIG announcement left me a bit out in the cold (even on a 95 degree Indiana summer day). If you have an iPad you can click here to watch a video on Scott’s site about the new endeavor. Have fun, iPad owners of the world.

Sony had some big announcements regarding DLSRs and related gear. Apparently you and I are the last to know (I told you all these big photo guys already had THE WORD). Go to dpreview (click here), imaging resource (click here), or Steve’s Digicams (click here) to read about and see hands-on previews of the new Sony’s (they had the new stuff in their hands for weeks already). Apparently Sony fans will be excited. Do you know anyone shooting with a Sony? Do you know anyone who is going to sell their Nikon or Canon DLSR and rush to Sony because they have upgraded their pixel count? Not likely, camera fans.

So, we have the BIG news from Nikon, news that most writers had no clue on. Yeah, right. What we got was about a gazillion new cameras in the point-n-shoot line to go with the bazillion others already out there (including a trizillion already in the Nikon lineup). The best take on Nikon’s news (?) and all the other hype of the week comes from Thom Hogan over at byThom (click here for a link). Thom is the guy I suggested yesterday that you read first thing today. If you followed my advice, go back and check on him again – he just added some commentary that is refreshingly on target. If you haven’t gotten around to him yet do so now. Scroll down the page and take in his thoughts for the day. He does a nice job of summing up the non-excitement of what was supposed to be a BIG day.

Yaaaaaaaaaawn. Time for a nap … ’cause there is precious little else going on in the camera world today.

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