Scott Kelby Has A New Book … And He Loves Shetland Ponies

Yes, Virginia, Scott Kelby loves Shetland ponies!

Scott Kelby has a new book coming out (it should be in bookstores and Amazon the second week of September). What’s new? you ask. Scott has books out all the time, doesn’t he? Well, this announcement coincides with my proof that Scott Kelby really does love Shetland ponies!

The image above is one I snapped last year out in Utah (in the arid land surrounding Mesa Arch, to be exact). Scott was leading a photo workshop with Bill Fortney, and it was a grand tour and experience. But Scott would periodically wander off, usually just when you had an important question to ask him (like, would Mesa Arch be a good name for a yoga studio?). Well, I followed him around a bit and discovered he usually was off searching for Shetland ponies. The Photoshop Guys always had made a joke of this on their TV show whenever Scott was gone for the week. I thought they were joking. As it turns out, they are not.

Oh, the book …….. Watch the YouTube video below for Scott’s announcement and description of “Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It” (or go over to his website by clicking here). He is a very, very good photographer, an even better instructor, and an idea machine. He really does have his finger on the pulse of what I call the ‘everyman photographer’ (people just like you and me who struggle sometimes with photo issues and need a little hands-on help to get over the hump). This book promises to get you over that hump by sharing in graphic detail (that means with lots of pictures) the setups you need to take good lighting photos. And then how to process those good lighting photos to look their best.

Scott has an incredible teaching style. When he shows you how to do something, you just get it. That’s in person. But he also has the same uncanny ability to teach you from a book (books that become integral parts of your resource library). This one promises to be more of the same, except maybe better. Hey, watch below. Then order a copy for your library. Cause I predict they are going to go fast.

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