Can You REALLY Get Rid Of Eyeglass Reflections?

I should have watched Matt’s video before I shot this portrait.

Can you REALLY get rid of those distracting eyeglass reflections in your otherwise perfect portrait? Yes. And no. Uh, maybe. But I really want to get rid of them! Okay, here are the general rules. And here is a nice little video tutorial from Matt Kloskowski (one of the original Photoshop Guys) to help you out (just click here).

First of all, you can try NOT to have the reflections to begin with. Vary YOUR angle as you line up your camera and subject, checking to see how the light falls vis-a-vis the reflection you see in your subject’s glasses. Try having them slightly tilt their head, either up or down and slightly side to side. You also might try having them slightly tilt their eyeglass frame as it sits on their face (but only a little bit, else it starts to look pretty weird, as if the glasses don’t fit). And if that just doesn’t work …

Now you are in trouble. As Matt will explain in his video there ISN’T any tool or trick to take off that reflection if parts of both eyes have reflections over them. You might be able to build one new eye if the other has no reflection whatsoever, but both? Fergettabout it. So …

Now you need to take TWO photos of your subject, carefully removing the glasses for the second one (and Matt will demonstrate why you need to do that carefully, very carefully). From here on in it is simply a matter of using layers and a good mask to produce that magic image you are looking for. I won’t give it all away because Matt explains it better and let’s you watch him do it. It works, but the disappointment still remains. We all wanted a super-secret method of getting rid of that nasty reflection that covers both lenses. In one shot.

Matt knows his stuff, both in Lightroom and in Photoshop. In fact, he is going to be in Indianapolis soon to teach an all-day Lightroom 3 workshop. Click here for those details. If you like today’s little video, imagine what a whole day would be like! Now, if only the world was perfect and there were no eyeglasses to begin with.

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