Google+ … Too Late To The Party?

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I have a confession to make – I never made it to the Facebook party. Oh, I was invited (plenty of times, just in case you think I am a social outcast of some kind). But I just never saw the need or wanted to share that much information or whatever. Now I am reading that Google+ wants in on the action, especially for photographers. So, are we too late to the party if we haven’t joined yet? Are all the good spots taken?

I first read about this new gathering spot for photographers (and others) over at the Kelby blog (and since so many of you follow him, you may already be up to speed here). Then a couple of other really good photographers that I follow also began writing about Google+ this and Google+ that … so I jumped over to take a look. What I found was that it is crowded over there. Everybody and their brother seems to be there … and they all seem to comment on EVERYTHING. What has been touted as a place for photos that is more exclusive that Flickr and more hip than blogging seemed rather like all of them at once.

If I remember correctly it was just a little while ago that some of the same people were crowing about how wonderful 500px was (click here if you haven’t been there for a bit). Now, when was the last time someone talked about posting there and how much better it was than any other photo-sharing site? Yeah, I thought so. Google+ is the newest kid on the block and I must admit they made their initial marketing campaign a masterful one.

First, they didn’t let just anyone have an account. No, it was by invitation only. And those invited felt special, so they wrote about it and everyone else wanted to be like those invitees and so those on the outside kept going to the site and going to the site, half-crazed with envy. So, when Google+ opened their doors to the public there was a stampede to sign up and be like those first cool invitees. Brilliant marketing. But… now everyone is there trying to get noticed and it is getting pretty crowded. Dave Cross of Photoshop Guys fame even posted recently that he hoped people would stop commenting on every famous photographer’s photos, calling them awesome when they were so-so at best. So much for exclusivity.

But… while checking it out I must admit that the method of displaying images is cool; they show up nicely. And if you are willing to wade through tons of comments you once in awhile may find a useful comment or link. I found this one on jpeg settings in Photoshop, for example (click here to discover that you NEVER want to save a jpeg at 7. Use 6 or 8, but NEVER 7).

Okay. If you want to read why Scott Kelby likes Google+, click here. If you want to look around at it yourself, click here.  And if you want to stay with safe-and-sound, sure-and-reliable … stay with me.

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