The Gift Lists 2011

Double Christmas points if you know what this handy accessory is used for by your loved one.

Yes, Christmas is coming. Pretty quickly, actually. And you do care for and value and cherish your family members and friends (all throughout the year). So, just to lend a hand, if you are in the market for that perfect photographic-related gift, consider some of these that follow. And some items on the lists overlap, meaning they must be pretty good (especially given the photo-taking skills of the list-makers). Just one bit of advice from me: don’t get all hung up on how much something costs. We all need to live within our means, and some of the very most valuable items in every photogrpaher’s bag are the little, not-very-expensive-at-all accessories. So here goes.

Click here for Scott Kelby’s 6th Annual Awesome Gear Guide (it used to be called the Gonzo gear Guide but Scott finally admitted even he had no idea what that meant). I suggest you give some special attention to the Lumodi beauty dish. I have one and it is a real winner at an affordable price. Your speedlight flash user would use this modifier a bunch.

Click here for Frank Doorhof’s 2012 Presents To Get Or Give Guide (Frank has learned the All-American secret that there’s nothing wrong with buying yourself a gift. Is there?). #1 on that list is a subscription to Kelby Training (even if it’s for just one month). This is a site I have urged every photographer to check out and use all during the past year. It is the true winner of the bunch.

Click here for best friend and mentor Bill Fortney’s gift guide. Bill knows photography and just about everything there is to know about photography. If an accessory is on his list it is an accessory that gets used. All of these are affordable and not to be taken for granted. Definitely a list to spend some time with.

And click here for the dpreview list that came out earlier this year. This list is all over the place when it comes to price and usefulness. But let me steer you toward the least expensive item there (only $8.95 and it will last forever), the Giottos Rocket Air Blaster. If you are not a photographer you just are not going to get this one and why it is so valuable. But, trust me, the photographer on your list is going to light up when it is opened (and run off to try it out). It’s a photographer thing.

Whew! There you have it: gifts for everyone from the comfort of your seat in front of the computer. Merry Christmas!

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