Bill Fortney Workshops 2012

Bill Fortney, the legend and the man.

I don’t mind repeating praises on behalf of Bill Fortney, one of the very best photographers we have. Bill has been earning a living as a photographer for more than 42 years; that in and of itself tells you about all you need to know about his talent and skills. But he also is the consummate teacher, passing on his accumulated knowledge patiently and completely to all who but ask. He works as a Nikon Professional Services rep, but he also takes personal time throughout the year to put on his own series of workshops. They are held in some of the most beautiful locations a photographer could ask for; the instruction and the fellowship are unmatched. And the bonus for every participant (trust me; you may feel like a participant when you first sign up, but you will be a friend evermore after that initial handshake) is that Bill is just one of the finest men you ever will meet, anywhere and at any time.

Bill Fortney is warm, outgoing, open, honest, trustworthy, value-driven … a Christian man unafraid to share his faith and demonstrate that faith through his very life. He may not be one-of-a-kind, but he is the very finest kind of person. I can’t say enough about his friendship; he is a very special person. But those qualities that make him such a special friend are complemented by his artistic eye and photographic skills. A workshop with Bill is an experience that informs and uplifts, sending you home renewed, inspired and a better person in addition to being a better photographer. If that sounds like extreme praise, it is meant to be.

I want you to click here now and go over to the His Light Ministries page on Bill’s website (His Light Ministries is the umbrella title for his various types of workshops). He has several forms of instruction that will serve you well, no matter what you are looking for the most. There are photo tours with the likes of Scott Kelby and friends, HDR workshops in truly American heritage settings (the Americana series), just about anything you are interested in Bill has thought of and personalized to suit your needs. You’ll see what I mean when you get over to his website.

I have warned throughout the year that Bill’s workshops will fill up fast. I expect that trend to only grow as more and more of us enjoy that first great workshop experience. So my advice to all of you is to watch closely for dates of the classes you are interested in. Today you can get an idea of what is being presented in 2012 that you might like to attend. Then keep checking back and do not hesitate in signing up once enrollment is opened. In fact, if you wish to be placed on a mailing list that will go out before the website is posted, email Bill at, indicating that you don’t want to miss out on upcoming announcements.

Bill is my friend and mentor. I am proud to be able to say that. But don’t mistake my affection for him for an attempt to fill up his classes. He is a man from whom you will truly learn, a person you will enjoy being around. Bill doesn’t need my assistance in putting on successful workshops. I am passing on this information because I hate to think that otherwise you might miss out on these wonderful opportunities. You can spend your resources on every last piece of new equipment that is ever released onto the market. You can hope that the latest and greatest will give you the photo skills you dream of. And you also can learn the skills you want and need with the equipment you already own by attending a workshop with Bill Fortney. May I sincerely suggest the latter?

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