On The Third Day Of Christmas ….

On the third day of Christmas Matt Kloskowski gave to me-eeeeeeeeeee … nothing. Yesterday we had the first two days of Lightroom Christmas presents from Matt, with three more promised. Now, you know and I know that there are 12 days of Christmas, not five. But five beats none, and we all were looking forward to day three. And it came and went with no present. Bummer! But, it is better to give than receive, so today I have some great apps for your iPhone or iPad that won’t put a dent in your pocket change, let alone your bank account.

Click here for a list of apps that Scott Kelby has found to both really work and to really make good images. Cheaply. Quickly. Pretty automatically. Who could ask for anything more? There are nine cool apps featured, and the prices range from free (yes, F-R-E-E!) to only $4.99. You could pick them all up for yourself or for that special photographer for under twenty bucks! That’s absolutely crazy! These apps are so good, so handy and so inexpensive that it makes me wish I owned an iPhone or an iPad (of course I wished I owned both before I knew about these apps, also). You have plenty of time before Christmas to surprise that special someone. Or, heck, just download them for yourself today!

And, finally, just for grins: a holiday shoot-out between Nikon and Canon. I don’t know why I am doing this (hint: Nikon doesn’t fare so well), but you Canon fans deserve a break now and then. Count this as my Christmas present to you.

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