Merry Monday

Happy Monday-Before-Christmas Day! It is a mixture of tricks and treats today (whoops! That is a different holiday completely). I hope this is a blessed time of year for you, and all you want it to be. Life truly is good, isn’t it?

First up today is day four of Matt Kloskowski’s Five Lightroom Days of Christmas. Click here to let Matt show you the expert’s guide to creating calendars in Lightroom’s Print module. Create a calendar a month or an entire year’s worth at once. Calendars are pretty handy items all throughout the year, so thank you, Matt!

And … and … Matt has thrown in Day 5 of his Lightroom Christmas ideas after all (I thought he had lost count somewhere along the way. But, actually, I think I did). Click here to learn how to dress up your holiday slideshows in a jiffy. This is a valuable tip for the entire year, as a matter of fact. Backgrounds for slideshows come in all sizes and shapes for all kinds of holidays. Start creating some templates for each and find holiday shows a snap. Thank you once again, Matthew!

Next up, a free holiday gift for you from the talented photographers at Luminous Landscape. The gift is a video on their own Black and White Workflow in Lightroom. Now, these guys are good; trust me. And this video is a 21-minute segment from their Camera-To-Print-And-Screen series that sells for a considerable amount all year long. So consider this a very generous and worthwhile gift that you can watch at your leisure. Black and white should be a part of every photographer’s portfolio, so take a close look at this video and pick up some valuable tips. Click here to see the entire video.

Looking for a speedlight for your Canon or Nikon DSLR that has all the features you are looking for and yet won’t break the bank? Click here to get the lowdown in the Yongnuo YN-565EX (I know, the name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But don’t turn up your nose at some of these third-party accessories). The Canon model has been out for a bit and apparently has found a home with quite a few photographers of that persuasion. Now Nikon users get their turn. So, check this Chinese model out and start thinking – can I live with a $150 speedlight that has all the functions of the big brand names? I ran through some online reviews on the Canon model and think you might find this accessory to be do-able. Just think about it ….

Nikon Rumors is 99% sure of the specs for the eagerly awaited update of the big-boy full-frame D3s. Click here for the details and start saving your pennies. Make that your dollars. Actually, make that your hundreds of dollars. Nikon is out to cement their status with those photographers who want fantastic low light performance and speed. I have no doubt that the D4 will deliver the goods.

And, finally for today, click here for a repeat of a post I did earlier. It is the schedule for the Bloomington Photography Club. If you reside anywhere near our area this is one of the best, most enjoyable, most affordable presents you can give yourself for 2012 (only $25). 2012 promises to be another great year for the club. Why not make it a great year for yourself?

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