Improve Your Portfolio … Old Tips, Good Advice

Not every image will work when you stretch yourself a bit.

I have repeated myself over and over on a few subjects these past couple of years (I know, I know … kind of like deja vu all over again. Insert chuckle here). But there are a few exercises that are not new that bear repeating, certainly to myself when I grow stale of tired of my own images. One that I preach is to study the work of others. There are some absolutely fantastic, wonderful, knock-’em-dead photographers out there from whom you may draw inspiration. Another is to deconstruct photos that draw your attention/catch your eye. Why does that image work? What draws you personally to it? Can you tell how it was put together inside and outside of the camera? Streeeeeeeeetch yourself once in a while by shooting something outside your comfort zone. You just may surprise yourself by picking up a new technique or two. These are recommendations I have been writing for two years now … but I feel sometimes like a voice in the wilderness.

But, now comes an expert (that person from another town or another state) to give you a list of tips for improving your portfolio (and, thus, your overall shooting skills). Lindsay Adler is her name, and she is a successful fashion photographer in NYC. How do I know that? She is the guest blogger on Scott Kelby’s site today (and he has an eye for talent). If you already have visited his site today and read that blog then you already have the ten tips safely stored away somewhere. If not, click here to read them now. They will reinforce what I have been writing for some time because now you have a genuine expert saying them, Lindsay Adler.

My take on this? Don’t just look at the pretty pictures and scan the tips. Read them and take them to heart. They fit right into the 2012 resolutions I suggested at the start of this year. Stretch, grow, practice, learn. And do so by seriously taking Lindsay’s advice today. She knows her stuff.

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