Order This D800 … Not That One

Just a bit more on Nikon’s new (although not-yet-shipped) powerhouse, the D800. I have told you for years now how much I admire and trust Nikon Professional Rep and master photographer Bill Fortney (a wonderful friend and mentor). Click on this link to Bill’s website to┬ádiscuss a question that so many D800 fans want answered: buy the regular version or the D800E (the model without the anti-aliasing filter)? And that is the $300 question, because the E model costs more (and it could cost you your entire $3,000 if you picked the wrong version and forever regretted it). Bill gives you the straight talk you need to make an informed decision. And while he is at it, he goes into the second-most asked question of the day: should I buy the new D4 or the equally new D800? There is some serious money at stake here, folks. Let Bill steer you through these choppy waters with a well-thought-out series of questions designed to give you the answer you seek.

For another perspective (but one that gets you to the same place as Bill F.), click on this link to Scott Kelby. He wasted no time in pre-ordering a D800 for himself. He also expounds a bit on his choice, addressing the issue of removing moire for yourself if you choose the D800E. It makes for interesting reading.

And a bonus for a snowy Tuesday Valentine’s Day! Click here for a link to Lava 360, where you can download any or all of some 35 FREE textures. Check out the very first one (My Beautiful Earth) and Big Lights (farther down the page). And also Dancing Lights and Vibrant Grungy Bokeh, among others. There are some real winners in this group, whether you are a texture collector like me or not. And did I add that they all are FREE?

Oh, my … and an extra bonus for this special day. Click here for a link to WebDesignCore for a collection of 20 FREE water textures. I didn’t find as many keepers in this bunch as in the one above, but check out Rain and then Glitter for a couple that could be useful in the right spot. For FREE!

Snow or no snow, enjoy the freebies. Then enjoy this Valentine’s Day with someone special. Camera in hand.

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