Dealer Markup on D800 … And A Contest Winner

I have posted several times recently about the availability of the new Nikon D800 and its scarcity in this country. Nikon is making them around the clock to fill the very large numbers of pre-orders they have received. For that reason alone you should not expect the price to come down for any time in the (very long-term) foreseeable future. And if you need ore convincing, check out the dealer markups on the 800 (and companion 800E). The cost to the dealer on the D800 is $2,699.96, and on the D800E it’s $2,969.96. At those non-overwhelming margins you should not expect even the big houses to be offering you a deal on these popular new items.

A while back I announced a camera giveaway from mcp actions (of either a Canon 5D MkII or a Nikon D700). A great many of you entered (285,000 entries from more than 39,000 persons). If your name is Andrew Laugh , YOU ARE A WINNER! The rest of us Jim’s, Sue’s and Charlie’s are sadly out of luck. Congratulations, Andrew (I guess). Better luck next time to the rest of us.

And, since we have been into lighting and light modifiers lately, here is one more new one … the Spinlight 360. It is a production model kind of based on the black-foamie-thing concept of expert lighter Neil van Niekerk. It is a modifier designed to diffuse your flash and also provide a great deal of control over its direction. So, isn’t that the concept behind all modifiers? Click here to check out this new item and read a short review from Neil. He knows lighting and his opinions are worth considering (hint: he liked this one).

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