All New Cameras … All The Time

580EX? 590EX? No, it’s the new 600EX-RT!

What a year 2012 has been already … and it’s only March! The point-‘n-shoots seem to be always overlooked because of the ‘big-boy’ DLSR announcements, but there are some awesome cameras in that group compared to just a very short while ago. Check out dpreview, Imaging Resources, and Steve’s Digicams for roundups and reviews for those genres (there are a bunch of new ones). But the stage still belongs to the DLSRs, especially Nikon and Canon. And the stakes were just raised again on Canon’s part.

It seemed that Nikon and Canon used to play a gentlemanly game of leap frog with their announcements: D3? A game changer? By all means. But next year will feature the EOS 1D and it’s remarkable advancements. Nikon D4 and D800? Wow! Let me get in line. What might Canon come up with for 2013? Well, 2013 has arrived early, it seems. The 5D MK III has been announced, previewed and tested. It’s on its way … NOW. And with specifications that have many a photographer chomping at the bit (and, honestly, it’s not just the Canon faithful who are going to give this new model the once-over).

Canon 5D Mk III announcements and stories have been all over the internet, so I won’t pretend to have yet one more new story for you. But I do have a couple of shooters who are very, VERY good photographers who have shot with the new 5D that you might not have read about yet. And their opinions are worth reading and considering. Remember how Canon Rumors proclaimed that the 5D would be the most-talked-about camera of 2012? It may be because they believe it is going to fill a spot between the Nikon D4 and the D800 (22 megapixels may be a sweet spot between a rather (now) standard 16 and the D800’s 36). A recent Nikon Rumors online survey revealed a large majority of Nikon responders would rather the D800 be in the 24 megapixel range rather than the actual higher number. The 5D Mark III is right in that range, along with a HOST of other new and improved features.

If you are curious at all click here to read a test report from fabulous wedding photographer Jeff Ascough (remember, if you can shoot weddings, you can shoot anything). This is a good read, even if you are a Nikon fan (like me). Jeff is a fantastic shooter, and (hint) he loves this camera. And, for another expert take that you might not have seen yet, click here to read an opinion piece by Vincent LaForet (especially if you are interested in shooting video). These guys REALLY know their stuff. Even if you are only mildly curious about Canon’s newest marvel, give these two a look.

And the biggest news to many non-Canon shooters is going to be Canon’s new 600EX-RT speedlite (the RT stands for radio transmission). Wireless! Right from the speedlite! No more PocketWizard expense (or any other add-on). Wow! Set off up to 15 other flashes from your speedlite with no wires, no add-ons, not additional expense. Congratulations, Canon! And why should I be excited? Cause you know Nikon is not going to be content to play that old leap frog game from the past. It won’t be long until Nikon shooters will be able to share in this exciting new technology. For now click here to get the complete low-down from speedlite expert Syl Arena. Syl really is an expert, and he has a couple of videos for you that give you a sneak peek of the lights in action and an (excited) opinion of what he thinks of this breakthrough.

Okay, today is Canon’s day. But in a very real sense, we all benefit. The technology one company comes up with eventually makes it way to all the companies. And that turn-about cycle seems to be continually becoming shorter and shorter. So, hurray for Canon. Long live Nikon.

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