Worst Camera Idea Ever. Canon G1 X Flaw. And A Great New Website.

Attention: Snaketips ahead!

First the positive news … a great new website for you to bookmark. My good friend John “Snake” Barrett has fired up a site where he will offer up a critique-a-day (for free). Critiques are a fantastic way to learn what makes a good image, what makes a great image, and what makes a (lamentably) poor image. And how each can be massaged, tweaked or reworked to be better. Snake shows the original image and then explains what changes could be made to make the photo stronger (both in words and in a corrected version). I talk a lot about deconstruction, really examining an image to see what makes it tick and not just deciding whether or not you like it. Snake helps you with the deconstruction, and he has a very good eye for the details that can make or break an image. Click here to visit Snake’s site. There you can read his philosophy, review the critiques he has done to date, and upload an image of your own as a candidate for a critique (all quite anonymously). This is a very valuable service, one that I am surprised hasn’t been offered before now. I predict it is going to be a very popular one, also. Thank you, Snake!

And then there is what is possibly the worst idea ever for a camera … the Killshot Rifle. Here’s the premise: make a camera that looks like a hunting rifle and then go around aiming it at things (and, inevitably, people). Can you imagine the calls that will flood local police departments when the Killshot photographer begins shooting images in the park? Near the playground? In YOUR neighborhood? Click here to see a mock-up of the camera and a diagram of its parts. See if you don’t agree with me that this is a REALLY bad idea.

And also a page worth bookmarking today … Neil van Niekerk’s Flash Photography Concepts. Neil is a very good user-of-flash photographer, and a very good instructor/explainer-of-flash. For a long time he has explained ideas and techniques revolving around lighting of all types over at his website, Tangents. The page I am suggesting you bookmark today has ten general concepts that cover just about all you need to know about using flash … in general. The great part is that at the end of each concept section Neil has links to all the articles he has posted in the past that let you explore that concept in a deeper way at your own pace. It adds up to a very nice reference site for learning and review. Click here for the main page and check out all ten concepts. And, thank you, Neil!

And finally … not-so-good news for purchasers of Canon’s G1 X (the followup to the popular G11 and G12 models). Or for Canon, in my humble opinion. Reviewers over at Imaging Resource have discovered a light leak that shows up in images shot under certain conditions (click here for the explanation and some examples). Admittedly, the problem is NOT going to occur all that often. But if I’m going to pay (or consider paying) nearly $600 for a new point-and-shoot camera I don’t want those problems to pop up at ANY time. And to compound this newly-discovered flaw, Canon’s response is that since the flaw isn’t all that prevalent they don’t plan on doing anything about it! No “we’re working hard on this issue” or a “a fix for this flaw is forthcoming” … not even a “Canon takes all such issues seriously” response. It is small issues like this that grow into larger issues of poor service. Canon can do better.

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