Win A Lumopro LP160 Flash And Preview Photoshop CS6

It’s not a Lumopro flash, but it is a flash … and you could win.

I check Neil van Niekerk’s blog daily for tips, tricks and advice (thank you, good friend Howard Owen, for suggesting that I should). He has given me FREE advice that has improved my photo skills, even if he doesn’t really know that he has. Now he is looking for a tip from you (actually, from me, too). Neil is asking you to send him your best and/or favorite photography tip, one that has improved your shooting the most or made the most difference in how your photos look. The best tip (as judged by Neil) will win a Lumopro LP160 flash. Click here for Neil’s illustration and what his best tip is (and to enter the contest). The winner will be chosen on Monday, April 30th, so give your best tip some real thought beginning right now. And thank you, Neil.

And I told you Monday was the official kickoff of Photoshop CS6 fever. Click here to read an interview with Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Adobe Photoshop designer, manager and guru. He points out concisely yet rather thoroughly the exciting new features in this release. What I found most helpful in this interview was his pointing out a website (from Adobe) where you can pick and choose from 28 separate YouTube videos dealing with CS6. This is an easy way to preview features and improvements at you own speed. I am bookmarking the page for now, since Adobe will be adding content regularly. Click here for that collection and to bring yourself up-to-speed on this upgrade.

Okay, contest-eers, I will be watching for your photo technique tips on Neil’s site. And good luck to each of you.

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