Affordable iPad Card Reader … Do You Really Need Photoshop CS6? … A redesigned Snake Tips

I don’t have an iPad (sniff, sniff). But for all the multi-gazillion of you who do, you need a card reader to upload all those favorite images and/or videos to that gorgeous screen. This may be especially true for all of you equally lucky folks with a new Nikon D800 (nope; don’t have one of those, either. Sniff, sniff, sniff). So today I have an affordable, reliable 4-in-1 card reader (SD, CF, microSD and a USB port) for you from M.I.C. for only $32.90! And it is optimized for the iOS 5.1 operating system. That is a good price for a very-much-needed accessory. Click here for a full review. And with all the new, amazing apps out there for editing and processing your photos in the field, this is a great little device. Check it out today.

And I still find it difficult to believe (and harder to explain), but a whole lot of you don’t use Lightroom as the beginning point for your processing workflow (this program was made by photographers for photographers). But a whole lot more of you actually do use it, so this next part is for you. Matt Kloskowski is a Lightroom expert, a Lightroom guru. And he has been asked frequently if you really need Photoshop CS6 if you already have Lightroom 4? As an aside, I told you the CS6 fever was only going to grow and grow. Well, Matt has some pretty convincing reasons why he believes you do need Photoshop’s new version. But only you are truly going to know if you do or not. So click here to read Matt’s reasoning and then sit down and go through your own list. Voila! The decision will become clear.

And I have been urging you to check out and take advantage of a great new website by my friend and Bill Fortney workshop trainer John “Snake” Barrett. His website, The Snake Tips, offers gentle but incredibly useful critiques of viewers’ images (and isn’t our goal to get the best photo we possibly can?). Snake knows photos, and he can help you get better, whether he is critiquing your images or those of someone else. And now he has a sleek, new look for his site … one that I guarantee you will like. Check it out here, and while you are at it submit an image of your own for some expert advice on making it as strong as it can be.

Hey, is it Friday already????? Enjoy the weekend … camera in hand.

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