Another FREE Lightroom 4 Preset … A FREE Master Printing Class … And A Photomatix Upgrade

You already know (perhaps the hard way) that your Lightroom 3 presets don’t work the same way in Lightroom 4 (the sliders have been changed and updated). So we all are busy tweaking presets and looking for new ones. Today I have a good one for you, just in time for the sunny, lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer (hey, what a great song title! Your age is showing if you remember that one). Matt Kloskowski, the guru of Lightroom, has generously shared with us a new preset that will give your image a summer-y look. Click here to view the preset, download it, and even get instructions on doing so if you have forgotten how. Thank you, Mattie K.

And everybody’s go-to HDR program, Photomatix, (well, most of us at least started out with this stand-by program) has an upgrade to its latest (Photomatix 4.2). If you own 4 now or heaven forbid are still using version 3, open your program and click on Help, then click on Check for Upgrades. Photomatix will take it from there. Or you can click here to visit the Photomatix site and download the latest (if you own version 3 all this is free for you). And if you never have tried Photomatix at all, I urge you to at least see what you are missing. The program is easy to learn and pretty easy to use. Millions of us have done so; you certainly can, too.

And finally, me on my little soapbox. We all have become so used to today’s social media sites and sharing our images online, on our computers, and our phones, and our iPads and whatever other devices are floating around out there that we have forgotten what goes into making a decent print. And the job’s not done, folks, until you have a print that can be mounted and hung, entered in a show, sold, or even presented as a gift. And not every print is worth doing any of that. You need to know how to prepare your files for printing and how to find a decent print house if nothing else. And you need to know whether or not you are receiving good service from that printer. You just do if you are going to call yourself a photographer. Whew! Okay, getting down from soapbox now.

Eddie Tapp is a legend in the photo world. And he is so generous and we are so fortunate that he is going to be participating in a FREE webinar class on Creating A Gallery Quality Print. Click here to read the fine print and to bookmark the site. Because all you have to do is show up online this Thursday, May 3rd, at 1 PM (EST). Log in, sit back and prepare to be informed. You’ll learn the entire magilla – from shoot to process to print from a true expert. Eddie is the real deal, and printing is the real test of a great final image. Thank you, Eddie!

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  1. Liz Smith |


    I am interested in the free web show but I will be at work when it airs. Can I find it in an archive somewhere afterwards or is there a replay at another time?


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