More FREE Lightroom 4 Presets. And Photoshop CS6, Of Course.

Processed using the Sunflare Left preset described below.

Matt Kloskowski truly is a fine man, in addition to being a very fine shooter and Lightroom expert. I had the privilege of spending some time with him on a Bill Fortney tour through New England, and he was just a pleasure to be around. And he keeps on giving. Today he has two new FREE Lightroom 4 presets that also will work just fine with version 3 (if you still are using that program). Click here to visit Matt’s site and check out the Warm Sun and Sunflare Left presets (I used Sunflare on the image at the top of this post). And in case you need help installing those presets, Matt even has a short video for that. Thank you, Matt!

And I know you know that Adobe’s Photoshop CS6 is available for download and purchase today. But it is such a staple of the photo world that I have to mention it. So here goes: click here to visit Adobe’s site and get details (including price) and even look for a free trial copy. And, of course, they would be most happy to sell you a spanking new copy. Now, let me repeat myself … To find the very best introduction training to this gangbusters new program visit by clicking here and go through the FREE lessons. I have looked a bunches of sites related to CS6 and this one still is the best (by quite a bit). Be sure to check out the Content Aware move tool … unbelievable!

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