Bill Fortney’s Camera Bag … Or One Of These … Or Just Order The ThinkTank

It’s camera bag day! Check out all the recommendations and options.

My dear friend and mentor Bill Fortney is a self-confessed member of the camera-bag-of-the-month club. As a professional photographer for almost 43 years now it is safe to say that he probably knows as much about camera bags and how to carry gear around as he does cameras and photography. So when he describes what he is shooting with and how he is carrying it at any given time, I pay attention. And you could do worse than clicking here to see what he is carrying as standard shooting gear right now and how he packs it for shooting trips, both far away and close to home. And note: it doesn’t matter that Bill is a Nikon shooter. Canon and Sony and any other camera company’s gear all will fit in Bill’s recommended bags. Hint: you have your choice of three systems.

And, speaking of camera bags … Scott Bourne is a well-known photographer and reviewer who has been around awhile himself. And he just updated his list of favorite camera bags this month. Now Scott feels you need just the right bag for the job at hand, just as you would need the right camera and gear for that same job. So he has several favorites, ranging from well-known names to not-so-well-known names and from fairly reasonable prices to some rather really expensive prices. But there are some really, really nice bags on his list. Click here to check them out and see if one may be on your list of things-I-really-really-need.

For what it is worth I carry my gear in a ThinkTank Streetwalker Pro backpack. Their products are top-of-the-line as far as materials and workmanship and there are plenty of models to choose from. Those good folks have recently announced two new models ideal for airline travel (and airlines seem to be getting pickier and pickier about what you carry on and size and all that). The Airport Essentials and Airport Commuter look like a couple of very handy bags at fairly reasonable prices. The only drawback right now is that the bags have been announced as “coming soon.” That means, not available if you want or need one. Click here to check them out if you think you ever are going to need a new bag. I am thinking Christmas ………..

Okay, forget that jelly-of-the-month club that Mom wants to get you for your birthday. Or the fruit-of-the-month club that Harry and David are offering at a special price this month only. Camera bags are what we need (and want). Enroll now … only seven more months left in 2012!

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