Monroe County Fair Photo Contest 2012

A sneak peek at one of my 2012 Fair entries.

Today’s entry is for residents of Monroe County (Indiana) only – apologies to my friends, family members and fans elsewhere. But our annual county fair, 2012 version, is right around the corner. You still have time to get you entries together, but it definitely is time to be working on your images. The Fair is a friendly chance to show off your work to friends and neighbors, with just a touch of competition thrown in to keep things interesting. There are blue ribbons to be won, even some prize money to shoot for. County fairs certainly are Indiana summer traditions (as they are in other states), and there is a bit of pride to exhibiting some of your favorites to your home-town folks. So, what are the rules for this show and how do I go about entering?

All prints MUST be mounted in a sturdy frame with WIRE securely strung across the back for hanging or exhibits will not be accepted. The superintendent reserves the right to refuse any entries not complying with this rule. Maximum photo size to be 11”x 14”, overall size of the frame not to exceed 365 square inches. Photos must have been taken since the entry date of last year’s fair.

JUDGING CRITERIA – The judge is looking for the following:

     1. Artistic effect of shapes, color, texture, design
     2. Skill in use of the media
     3. Originality/design
     4. Frame and/or mat are appropriate for art subject
     5. Wire hanger for hanging

Entry 1: One or more black and white (or monochromatic, like sepia) prints in one frame
Entry 2: One 8”x10” black and white (or monochromatic, like sepia) print, matted and framed
Entry 3: One or more prints in one frame
Entry 4: One 8”x10”color print, matted and framed
Entry 5: One or more photographic prints in a frame that have been technically or digitally manipulated so they no longer resemble what the camera saw…be creative

The general requirements for anyone interested in entering exhibits in the Open Class judging at the Fair (including the Photography Division) include these:

1. Anyone in Monroe County is eligible to exhibit. Exhibitor must reside in Monroe County OR be a current member of a Monroe County Extension Homemaker Club/Monroe County Master Gardeners.
2. Items entered must have been finished since the last fair, except quilts. All items must be made or grown by the exhibitor. You may not enter an item that has won a ribbon or prize money at a previous Monroe County Fair.
3. Only one exhibit of a kind may be shown by an individual in any one entry number.
4. All exhibits must either meet the 2’ by 3’ space limit or other limits determined by the individual superintendents.
5. Any soiled or damaged item or items not meeting requirements will NOT be judged and will be given an exhibitor ribbon.
6. Items MUST be delivered on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.
7. All exhibits are released on Sunday, August 5, 2012 from 1:00-3:00 pm ONLY. Pick up prize money at the same time.

So, you have ten days to get those exhibits ready; ten days to prepare for the fun and excitement of the Monroe County Fair 2012. Good luck!

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