Send Me A Cocoa-gram! And Add A Sunflare To Your Lightroom Images.

Many of you have asked what you possibly could send me as a small thanks for the information passed on each day on these pages? Well, it could happen. Okay, it’s not gonna happen … but you could be on the lookout for a special something to send your best photographer friend. And I have found it.

Cocoagraph, headquartered in Pennsylvania, has a gift guaranteed to please even the most discriminating photographer in your life … or at least the chocolate lover within you. These good folks will take your favorite photos and turn them into life-sized Polaroids for you, chocolate edible photographs, that is. You upload your images and in no time flat your friendly Post Office delivery person will be at the door with either a milk, dark or white chocolate facsimile of that favorite photo. Click here to visit the website for more details or to place an order. The video below gives you a glimpse of what you can expect. Now, which of your favorite bloggers would love a milk chocolate copy of your best photo?

And a new Lightroom preset from Matt Kloskowski for you to download (although I am not sure this one works so well). The sunflare effect is super hot right now for photos (no pun intended). And Matt has one in three strengths (low, medium and strong) for you to use in conjunction with Lightroom 4’s adjustment brush. Click here to visit Matt’s site and download the presets. And you can watch his video over there on installing or just watch it below here.

Here is the caveat: Matt’s example over on his site looks pretty good. And the sunflare effect is very au curant (a word I’m going to try never to use again). I tried it on a bunch of my own Lightroom images and it didn’t look good. Ever. So either I need to choose some more suitable images (I’m not sure how to do that) or the effect is not one of Matt’s best efforts (hard for me to believe. I am a Matt fan). In any case, that was my personal experience. Watch the video and decide if this one is right for you. Hey … it’s FREE, you know.

P.S. This tip is from me: if you follow all the steps above, install the presets and then open an image in Lightroom, open your adjustment brush, choose the sunflare preset, apply it, and then discover nothing happens – don’t fret. Look in the bottom right corner of your image for an exclamation mark. That means you are working on an old image that you didn’t originally import into Lightroom 4, and you are still using Lightroom 3’s sliders. Click on that exclamation mark and convert to Lightroom 4. Now the preset will work just fine.

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