Americans: Lord Love ‘Em. Some Free Lightroom 4 B&W Presets. And Adding Highlights To Your Image.

“I have one theory in life: never look back and say, ‘I should have.'” Those are the words of an average American in the video below, a boat captain who joined many others in rescuing fellow Americans on 9-11. An average American who like you and your neighbors has a little bit of hero inside him, heroism that comes out when it truly is needed. My good friend Richard Small passed this video on to me yesterday. It is so inspiring, especially in this time of nasty politics and constant bickering, that I am re-posting it here. Nothing to do with photography; everything to do with America.

Then some black and white presets for Lightroom 4 from one of our favorite preset guys- Matt Kloskowski. Click here for the download site (and instructions if you need them). The presets are FREE (thank you, Matt), and they are especially tailored to fit your landscape images. I am a great fan of Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro for converting images to black and white, and I don’t think Matt’s presets are going to replace that program. I also am a fan of Gavin Seim’s Silver Shadows 2 software for Lightroom (click here for that link). I don’t Matt’s presets are going to replace Gavin’s program for me, either. But, Matt’s presets are FREE and you may not own the other two sets of software. So, check out Matt’s site and add these black and white actions to your collection.

Finally, another bonus from one of my favorite retouchers, Glyn Dewis. Today he has a (FREE) tutorial on how to add or enhance highlights to a subject you are adding to a composite. Glyn stresses what all good photographer/retoucher/compositors would: try to get your highlights correct the first time, in camera. But for when you don’t (or can’t) this is a great way to add them in Photoshop to really make your photo as realistic-looking as possible. And, never fear – this one is very simple (using an old friend, a layer style). Watch below for all the details. And … thanks, Glyn!

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