The Amazing 2013 Workshop Schedule: Bill Fortney And Jim Begley

Let’s go back to Old Car City in 2013!

I have sung the praises of master photographers Bill Fortney and Jim Begley for a long time now. Most deservedly so. They are wonderfully accomplished photographers, even greater Christian men. My wife and I hold them in the highest esteem. And I guarantee you and promise you this: as soon as you meet them you will know those facts to be true. Now, most of you have taken my advice to bookmark Bill’s site and read him daily (and if you haven’t, shame on you). So you probably know that he has posted their 2013 workshop schedule – and it is one unmatched by any other I have seen.

Picture the sheer artistry involved in shooting your pick of 4,000+ old cars in the Georgia woods north of Atlanta, our own Old Car City. I shot there last year with a talented group of wonderful photographers – it is so good that Sue and I can’t wait to return. Great location, great subject matter, great fellowship … what more could a photographer ask for? Well, how about the majestic woods of the Northwest, the world-famous Palouse region of Washington state? Or the untamed, gorgeous wilds of Glacier National park? Well, maybe it would be the urban beauty of Nashville, accompanied by no less than bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs. Yes, these locations are all part of Bill’s and Jim’s 2013 schedule, one that is a photographer’s dream.

Click here to visit Bill’s site and read the details and see some amazing images from these equally amazing locations. Now, let me add and allow me to warn you: these workshops are filling fast! Bill and Jim are such outstanding men, the fellowship so great, the locations so attractive that even though we still are some time off from 2013 other friends are reserving spots as we speak. I really urge you to do the same.

Then, a housecleaning chore. Quite a while ago I recommended you bookmark Larry Becker’s Cheap Shots, a site dedicated to bargains and tips to make our (frequently) expensive pursuit of photography a bit less so. I used to pick up some really good ideas from Larry, dollar-saving ideas. But recently he has posted so infrequently that checking his site was less than useful. And the content has yielded nothing of great value for some time. I am dropping his site from my recommended list, my check-daily list. I figure if I recommend a site I should truly be using it. This one now goes on the check-once-in-a-while list.

And, a couple of days ago I posted a downgrade of Kelbytraining (from five stars to four). Several really good (and I mean really good) shooters contacted me to agree and sometimes add their own suggestions to the Kelbytraining team. Those suggestions included a better history of what subscribers have viewed and better tracking of where you left off when you go back in. Also, it was suggested that the iPad app works okay, but the interface is mediocre at best and the inability to download a couple of courses is not user friendly. That subscriber did’t always have internet access and wanted to be able to watch when they didn’t. Thank you for those additional points, fellow subscribers. Kelbytraining, are you listening?

And finally today, the Bloomington Photography Club has overhauled its website. And it looks great! Cleaner, more modern, very readable. Thanks to the members who worked so hard to make this happen, especially James Kellar and Juliet Frey. There are new member galleries up, and there are some outstanding images there (if I do say so myself). Click here to see the new look, and then click here to check out the galleries of members (heck, we might as well begin with my own).

Okay, it’s Friday; it’s the start of a three-day weekend. Enjoy it all – camera in hand.

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