Free Lightroom Preset For That Fairytale Look. Thom Hogan Takes Nikon To Task On The D400. And A Nice Little Primer On Shooting Corporate Portraits.

Nothing to do with today’s post. It’s just an image from Mackinac that I liked.

It’s great to be home after our trip to Mackinac Island, no matter how much we enjoyed that visit. Today was spent catching up on Bloomington news and doing the chores that accumulated during last week’s absence. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t busy out there in Photo World, with lots of news for you today. And it is some good stuff, I promise.

Start out with another FREE Lightroom preset from one of our favorite guys, Matt Kloslowski. He offered us all a very nice set of presets in the past that he called his Fairytale Wedding set (it was for Lightroom 3). Since he (and all the rest of us) are now using Lightroom 4, Matt has updated that preset. And it is a good one, one I predict you will use for a lot of portraits. If you haven’t visited his website already, do so by clicking on this link and download the Wedding Fairytale Glow preset for FREE. Matt gives us kind of a high key look with a nice glow, just right for little girls and wedding-type occasions. Thank you, Matt!

Then Thom Hogan sums up the state of Nikon’s DX line of DLSRs and the lenses that go with them. And he is pretty hard on the grand old company that so many of us rely on. I agree that we are long overdue for a D400 in the DX lineup. But I am not so sure he needs to be quite as critical as he is when it comes to the complete lineup and how well it suits the needs of so very many users. If you are a Nikon shooter (or just want to compare your brand with Nikon) click here for an interesting read. Thom does do his homework and he has a lot to say.

And then a nice little YouTube video on taking corporate portraits. It was originally posted over at David Hobby’s site, so some of you might have watched it already. It is really interesting and well-done. And it applies to any portraits you might want to take on, not just the corporate-style. Watch it below. And enjoy.

Good stuff today. I hope you enjoy it. Camera in hand.

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