So You Wanna Be A Professional Photographer … Still?

Wanna do this for a living? Read the article I am recommending.

I don’t want to rush the end of the year, but it is difficult not to spend at least some time looking back over what we have done and seen in the photography world during 2013 (and looking forward to 2014). Last week local photography club members spent time planning a calendar-of-events for next year; signs of the upcoming holiday seasons are everywhere; and 2014 photo workshops are being advertised from all the top guns out there. You probably have some good thoughts about the year-just-ending, and you possibly have some regrets and disapointments. But for many, many photographers there always is the almost subconscious thought of becoming a professional in the coming year floating around. Is this the year? Should I give it a try? If not now, then when? Won’t I always regret it if I don’t give it a try?

The life of a professional photographer seems to be almost without a downside. What could be better than being paid for what we all love to do? And perhaps garnering a bit of fame in the process? And you get to buy all that cool equipment that you always have wanted, because who can work without the latest and most-est? And if I can”t earn my entire living from photography, can’t I at least earn a lot more? Enough to pay for all the new equipment that I have been studying? How about this: I’ll dip my toe in the water by increasing my photo jobs, and then I can ease into full-time as the number of jobs grow. And I can do this; I’ve seen enough images and shot with enough other photographers to know that I am as good as they are (and better than most).

If we are honest with one another we will admit that at least some derivation of those thoughts has crossed our minds in the past (perhaps recently). And the approaching end of 2013 makes it easy to contemplate changes for 2014. If you find yourself with any of these various thoughts crossing your mind, allow me to point you to an article over on f/8 blog (a site I review with some regularity). The article lists ten things you might not know about professional photography (such as the fact that the best photographer isn’t necessarily the one who gets the most jobs. Or that the profession may be an emotional killer). There are ups and downs to every career; photography is no exception. And taking photos may not even be what most professionals spend their time doing! And this list of ten things to consider will apply to those of us who may be thinking about our part-time photo work, also. When you spend time considering 2014 and what it means for your shooting, spend time thinking about eveything that goes into shooting-for-hire.

Click here to visit f/8 and read this list. It’s concise, but well-written and well-thought out. 2014 is a ways off yet. Examine yourself and your ideas for that new year. It’s getting to be that time.

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  1. This list pretty much hits the nail on the head. You do have to be careful about taking jobs too cheap though. It’s hard to raise your pricing later to customers who have been paying less for some time.

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