It’s A Snow Day In Bloomington … We’re Closed. Including Gallery 406.


All my friends Up North (way up north, as in Minnesota and beyond) will think us faint-of-heart. All my friends in sunny Florida and California will think us crazy for even being here. But it is winter in Bloomington, snow and all. And by all I mean cold and blowing and drifting and icy. All this nastiness arrived overnight, and it continues as we speak (forecast to continue all day today, also). So, we are closed. Schools, banks, most activities in general were called off in the very early dark hours of today. So photosonthego can do no less than join the crowd. Join us Monday to see what transpired over the weekend (we are scheduled for more snow and icy conditions Sunday), and catch up on all the latest in the camera world.

Enjoy the weekend in your part of the country … weather permitting.

And I just received word that the closings now include Gallery 406′s opening reception for our Bloomington Photography Club’s holiday show (originally scheduled for tonight). The entire Gallery Walk sponsored by Bloomington’s downtown galleries has been postponed until next Friday (December 13th from 5-8 PM). Mark your holiday calendars accordingly, and we will see you then for sure.

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  1. I’m looking forward to your fantastic winter photos. Stay warm and safe.

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