Really Right Stuff L Plate For Fuji X-T1 Six Weeks Out


RRS’ L plate is still four to six weeks out.

Yesterday I spoke with Emily at really Right Stuff. I trust their products so much that I wanted to preorder an L plate for the Fuji X-T1. I figured being an early bird might ensure getting one of the first ones. I still think that way, but Emily advised they didn’t have one of the cameras in house yet. WPPI just ended out in Las Vegas, and apparently they were in line to pick one up there. Then it is a four to six week process for the first orders to be produced. So we are a ways out from the first deliveries.

Sue and I have a small RRS plate left over from her Canon G11 (that is no longer with us), and it has been pressed into use for the time being. It is not ideal (we have to remove the plate to change batteries), but it is rock solid (as are all the RRS products). Emily advised we all can follow them on Facebook for news on X-T1 items, or we could subscribe to their newsletter. Info on the L plates will be posted there (as in when preorders will be accepted). To sign up for the newsletter (worthwhile in its own right), click here and go to the bottom of their Blog page. Sign up today and be among the first to receive news on X-T1 items.

The weather has recently made a turn for the better here. The next few days are forecast to be near or above 50 degrees. We are planning a photo outing to shoot the heck out of the X-T1, a new place with some old buildings. This is a scouting trip to see if the site is worth a full-fledged group outing in the future. Hopefully, it will turn into a worthwhile shoot while we are there. In any case it should give us some more impressions to share with you soon. We also are taking along a Nikon D800; it should be interesting to compare the files from these two. The D800 is arguably the big-kid-on-the-block in the DLSR world. The Fuji will have its work cut out for it.

It’s Friday, and the weekend beckons (a much warmer one than recently). Get out and enjoy it … camera in hand.

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  1. Lynn Rogers |

    Hi, Jim – Love the posts you are doing on the Fuji X-T1. I think I’m in the second week with mine. Learn a little more every day. Thank you for contacting Really Right Stuff and sharing the scoop on the L-Plate with us. You saved me a phone call. I love the size and weight of the X-T1 and have been taking it everywhere. That’s a first for any camera I’ve ever owned except my iPhone. As soon as Adobe updates Lightroom to recognize the RAW/RAF files I’ll be a happy camper.

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