BPC Macro Outing: Camp Hunt Photos

Click on this flower-among-the-flowers to see more photos.

Saturday we headed off to a beautiful church-run camp here in the Bloomington area, Camp Hunt. The property features creeks and woods and meadows and a lake … a beautiful setting in the rolling hills of Monroe County. One of our Bloomington Photography Club members was kind enough to invite the macro/closeup focus group out for a shoot, including a lakeside lunch. The morning was filled with friendship, beautiful weather and some early spring flowers. Sue and I shot with the Fuji X-T1, and it held its own with any of the larger DLSRs. We are learning more and more about this camera, its strengths and its few weaknesses. It was a fun day, one most appreciated after the winter we endured.

I have a few photos today that we took at Camp Hunt (plus just a couple from a later afternoon side trip to nearby McCormick’s Creek State Park). I am not an accomplished macro shooter (in fact I have registered for a Mike Moats workshop to get better at this particular genre of photography). But it was a most fun day, a most enjoyable day, and these images will give you a feel of the changes that are beginning to take place around us. And it was far too nice a day to spend inside, especially with our camera gear calling.

Click on the flower-amidst-the-flowers at the top of this post to see more images, or just click here.


  1. #11is my favorite (I’d crop it tighter) and #14 is just gross! So looking forward to seeing you and Sue, I hope, at Shaker Village, KY. If not there, then in Brown County for sure. Linda looks forward to meeting you both as well. We continue to pray for your mom. Hope she is doing well.

  2. Is it flower amidst the flowers of I’ve fallen and I can’t get up? Sues going to Kill me…

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