Sanders General Store: Photos


Click on the old gas pumps to see more images.

Yesterday we scouted out a few more old buildings in our area, one of them being the abandoned general store down in Sanders. It is a wealth of line, form, color and texture. Nature slowly is beginning to make a mark near the back of the store, adding more texture to the store’s structure. It was a fun day, a productive day.

I processed a few images from our trip; more to come in a few days. Click on the image at the top of the post to see more photos, or just click here.

And it is Friday. Enjoy the weekend, camera in hand.


  1. YUM! My kind of place to shoot. Hope this is close to Brown County. I am getting so excited about that workshop. Have a blessed weekend.

  2. I think Norm Deckard’s Grandpa started that store. Norm told me a story about kids would sit on the pop cooler out on the front porch and it would dent the lid. So His grandpa hooked up a device with electric shock them when they would sit on it and it stopped the problem. You’ll have to ask him about it to see if I,m remembering right.

  3. Can we do this during Brown County Daddy, p l e a s e!!!!

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